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Medical history terms


    Medical History Terms

  1. Rheumatic Fever: a disease that can affect the heart,joints,brain & skin. Symptoms include: fever, painful & tender joints in the knees,ankles, elbows & wrists,chest pain,shortness of breath,fast heartbeat,fatigue, jerky/uncontrollable body movements.

  2. Diabetes: a chronic(long-lasting) health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. www.cdc.gov Symptoms include: increased thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, unexplained weight loss, fatigue,irritability, blurred vision.

  3. High blood pressure: hypertension is blood pressure above 140/90, and is considered severe if the pressure is above 180/120.

  4. Low blood pressure: Blood pressure below 90/60. Symptoms include: dizziness or lightheadedness,nausea, fainting, dehydration and unusual thirst, lack of concentration,blurred vision,pale skin.

  5. Kidney disease/infection: inflammation of the kidneys due to bacterial infection.The kidneys may be damaged and cannot filter blood the way they should. Symptoms include: weight loss, poor appetite, swollen ankles,feet or hands, shortness of breath, tiredness, presence of blood in urine, insomnia(sleeping difficulty), itchy skin, frequent urination.

  6. Tuberculosis: A contagious infection that usually targets the lungs. Symptoms include: pain in chest, chronic cough(may include blood), weight loss, night sweats, fever.

  7. Venereal disease: An infection transferred through sexual contact. It is also known as Sexually Transmitted Infection(STI).

  8. Epilepsy/convulsions:A disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures or periods of unusual behaviour, sensations and sometimes loss of awareness. It is also known as seizure disorder. Symptoms include: fainting or fatigue, rhythmic muscle contractions, excess sleepiness, memory loss, headache.

  9. Liver disease/hepatitis/jaundice: Conditions that damage the liver and prevent it from functioning well.

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