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Lab Information System

This is a system that links laboratory results management with the administration functions and reduces human intervention that could cause errors . It provides fast and reliable interfaces for data to be entered by a human or electronic component and customised interface with customer testing equipment .The system allows administration to capture the patients’ demographics and file details which the laboratory technicians access online so that patient details are automatically entered into client records and sent back to administration with the complete bill to be paid . It includes inventory management , financial reporting and analysis , claims management and electronic return of results to clinicians via the UtanoX healthcare platform .

    Lab Module and Benefits

  1. Lab tests and parameters configured for : Haematology , chemistry , microbiology/bacteriology , serology , immunochemistry.

  2. Great scope and flexibility to customise features and functionalities to user requirements.

  3. Allows for hosting & printing of ISO 15189:2012 Quality Management System files (policies; procedures and forms) in a traceable manner with tracking of changes made to documents.

  4. Allows for searching of patients or specimens using patient name and/or lab number (automatically generated with barcode labels for specimen and forms).

  5. Security - access control to data , track changes made in the system and ensure audit trails , time tracking and other traceability measures.

  6. Access control by administration level to edit , review ,comment and authorise remotely (with an audit trail - who entered the results , who authorised).

  7. Integration with lab instruments including Abbot , Siemens , Mindray , Landwind , etc.

  8. Electronic exchange of lab test requests and results with doctors/clinics.

  9. Customised reports - extensive lab test reports and analysis : automatically run reports ,export results to Excel.

  10. Create , schedule and distribute reports to designated parties.

  11. Prioritization Queues and Worklist Management : Assess current workload and re-assign priorities for each assay with a trail for each specimen.

  12. Control access to data , tracking all changes in the system to document data and ensure audit trails.

  13. Prioritization Queues and Worklist Management : Assess current workload and re-assign priorities for each assay with a trail for each specimen.

  14. Provides test statistics; monitoring of selected disease statistics and Data analysis- Graphical reporting techniques.

  15. Instrument calibration and maintenance -Schedule important maintenance and calibration of lab instruments and keep detailed records of such activities.

  16. Inventory and equipment management : measure and record inventories of vital supplies and laboratory equipment.

  17. Generation of a Pending list (list of patients without results) and viewing of status of a test request.

  18. Generation of printable results.

  19. Display of patient billing information (funder - cash or medical aid).

  20. Creation and/or addition , deletion , amending of test profiles : test codes , reference ranges , units , cash and medical aid prices , tariff codes among others.

  21. Electronic lab test request.

  22. Transcription errors are eliminated by equipment and systems interfacing.

  23. Integrated monitoring of Turnaround Time ensures results are on time.

    Client Relationship Management

  1. SMS reminders for appointments, refraction, reviews etc.

  2. Happy-birthday SMSes.

  3. Thank-you SMSes sent after a patient's visit.

  4. Hospital stay: amount of time the patients are staying.

  5. Auto-emailing of patients for surveys, tidbits etc.

  6. Manage appointments with ease and precision.

  7. Intelligent waiting lists and alerts.

  8. Real-time eligibility.

  9. Reporting based on patient check-in/check-out and more.

  10. Capture and manage patient data efficiently.

  11. Powerful task management, messaging and medical history tools.

  12. Automatic recall.

  13. Referral tracking.

  14. Temporary registration for new patients.

  15. Image/Documentarchiving.

  16. Paperless: patients don’t have to fill in paper forms at all. System prints out forms and patients just sign.

    Advanced Billing

  1. Simplified billing and accelerate payment.

  2. Mobile App where nurses indicate the sundries used for real-time stock control.

  3. Shortfall reduction platform - verify medical aid status before service.

  4. Theatre & Hospital Billing integration for fully-automated charge capture.

  5. Quick, accurate payment posting options.

  6. Easy statement generation.

  7. AHFoZ Claim file formats.

  8. Electronic remittance advise uploading.

  9. Electronic claim status feedback uploading.

  10. Quotations, invoices, receipts, ledgers.

  11. CASH patients.

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