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Hospital Management System

The OmniSol Hospital Management System has been built for doctor’s rooms, clinics and hospitals to automate and manage all processes including the patient’s electronic medical health records, admissions/ward management, billing, inventory management, accounting, claims management and comprehensive reporting. This is a very scalable product used over 900 sites in Zimbabwe currently.

    Business Development Questionnaire

  1. At OmniSol, we have a business development office which is used to advance our clients to carry forward their missions more effectively.This exercise is meant to review your workflows and craft bespoke policies, procedures, standards and structures which then guides your enterprise towards the realisation of your vision with more certainty. Our goal is to accomplish the above in the shortest possible time, at a minimum cost.

    In that regard, we would want to gain a deeper understanding into your current operational structure, as the first building block of this project.

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    Business Development Questionnaire

    Reception & Vitals

  1. Instant verification.

  2. Faster generation of a receipt by the system.

  3. Original record retrieved.

  4. Audit trails enforce discipline..

  5. Elimination of fraudulent claims.

  6. Efficient usage of time - no folder retrieval log.

  7. Patient’s electronic health record is instantly accessible.

  8. All notes for the patient are available in one place.

  9. Storage cost reduction.

    Advanced Billing

  1. Simplified billing and accelerate payment.

  2. Nurses Indicate Sundries/ Consumables used for real time inventory control.

  3. Shortfall reduction platform - verify medical aid status before service.

  4. Theatre & Hospital Billing integration for fully-automated bill.

  5. Quick, accurate payment posting options.

  6. Easy statement generation.

  7. AHFoZ Claim file formats.

  8. Electronic remittance advise uploading.

  9. Electronic claim status feedback uploading.

  10. Genarations of Quotations, invoices, receipts....

  11. CASH patients

    Doctors/ Consultation

  1. Lab results, imaging reports and doctor’s notes available in the system - easy location of specific categories of information.

  2. Clinical decisions made based on actual records of the past.

  3. Electronic health record forwarded to specialist securely.

    Patient Experince

  1. Biometric-Integration: Seamless, non-invasive authentication.

  2. Waiting List/Queue : Patient free to do other things while waiting for their turn.

  3. Patient record made in the system from the doctor : patient not made to carry card or file around . convenience.

  4. Prescription received in real-time : Seamless experience.

  5. Personalised attention.

  6. Timely SMS alerts ensure management of the patient’s condition.

  7. Patients have remote access to crucial databases and reports . This helps the patients to make informed decisions on their treatment . availability of crucial patient information across multiple departments and systems.

    Stock Management

  1. Audit trail of consumables used during procedures.

  2. Stock usage reports.

  3. Shortfall reduction platform - verify medical aid status before service.

  4. Stock movement from storage to other departments.

  5. Goods Received Voucher.

  6. Stock variance report.

  7. Stock purchases report.

    Accounts/ Debtors

  1. Business Intelligence & financial services: efficient debt collection process.

  2. Lab test requests and results are electronic: costs are cut as results do not need to be delivered by hand and staff ratio is improved due to automated processes.

  3. All consumables are accounted for: Integrated costing: prevents leakages.

  4. Automatic generation of bill: lower number of billing personnel required

  5. Clear Audit trail from Dr’s instruction to consumables bought and procedures done: fraud can be detected.

  6. Inventory management: Reorders can be done earlier, every item is accounted for, therefore pilferage is stopped or prevented, medicines expiry is curbed.

  7. Patients’ electronic health record: storage costs cut.

  8. Receipting in system: revenue leaks are prevented.

  9. Claims processed electronically.

  10. Production of real-time reports: Enable timely intervention on bottlenecks, complement forecasting and budgeting.

  11. Biometric verification: fraudulent claims eliminated.


  1. Prescription received in real-time as-is from the doctor.

  2. Inventory management, inventory deducted in real-time with re-order alerts - centralised accounting for inventory.

  3. Purchase orders and Goods Received Vouchers are in the system.

  4. Analytics and reports on profits.

    Admission Dashboard

  1. Registers or books used to keep admitted patients’ data.

  2. Diet and nutrition in Electronic Health Record (EHR).

  3. Hospital registers like matron’s round book and bed state at midnight.

  4. Government reports.

    Non - Clinical

  1. Maintenance

  2. Mortuary.

  3. Kitchen.

  4. Councillors.

  5. Chaplain.

  6. Tuckshop.

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