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  • Insurance & Funders

    Insurance & Funders

    This is an end-to-end solution for a healthcare funder or medical aid society to manage their business. Features include Subscriptions management, Claims processing, service provider management, claims payment and reporting/analytics. It has been designed.

  • Healthcare Providers

    Healthcare Providers

    Unique, Cost reduction, Performance, Customization, Price, Risk Reduction, Convenience & Usability, and Accessibility.
    Swift payments for claims through online processing.Efficient follow up of shortfalls for claims.Comprehensive access to patient history.

  • Members


    Automated claims management and benefits verification. Comprehensive access to patient history.

  • Everyone


    This is the centeral repositories of your diets, Wellness, Fitness and Recipies.

  • Patient


    Performance, Convenience & Usability, Unique and Accessibility. Simple, quick verification process and faster access to treatment. Personalized messages.

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Health Service Provider

  • Cinical Billing

  • Wards

  • Dispensary

  • Laboratory

  • Reporting

  • Stocks & Purchasing


  • Benefits Management

  • Claims Processing

  • Subscriptions Management

  • Reporting/Analytics

  • Claims Payment

  • Service Provider Management



UtanoX is a highly secure health-care information exchange system/platform which is a gateway to access information and transact on health related activities which was developed in 2012 and now has reached 7 years in operation. It operates as a software as a service platform which covers broad spectrum of users in the health care sector .



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