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Additional Features


    Additional Features

  1. SMS message templates to be used for the various triggers are defined using this feature. This enables the system to compose personalised and specific messages to members either on-demand or by pre-defined triggers.

  2. Pre-defined variables can be used to form the templates.

  3. Attachment Types:

  4. This feature enables configuration of the attachments used by the system.

  5. You can specify the icon and application to be launched for each file.

  6. The file types managed are:

  7. Picture.

  8. Video.

  9. Audio.

  10. PDF

  11. Restriction to specific service provider disciplines.

  12. Branches:

  13. This enables management of your branches.


  1. User can their own password.

  2. An administrator can add new users.

  3. An administrator can users to groups – the group determines the permissions.

  4. An administrator can reset another user’s password.

  5. An administrator can define permissions for each User Group. The following are the actions/features which have restricted access:

  6. Manage Branches.

  7. Manage Benefits Definitions.

  8. Assign Provider network to client.

  9. Extract Plan Configuration Report.

  10. Define Subscription Fees and Codes.

  11. Manage Tariff Codes.

  12. Map Tariff Codes to Benefits.

  13. Manage Shortfalls and Rejection Reasons.

  14. Define Our Banking Details.

  15. Manage Banks and Branches.

  16. Manage Service Providers.

  17. Configure Medical Notes.

  18. Configure Member Data.

  19. Manage SMS Templates.

  20. Manage Member tags.

  21. Manage Printout Templates.

  22. Create Icons and Attachments.

  23. Print Member Card.

  24. Print Membership Reports.

  25. Manage Membership Events.

  26. Generate Member Bills.

  27. Print Member statements.

  28. Print Corporate Invoice and Corporate Statements.

  29. Load EDI claims

  30. Generate EDI feedback files.

  31. Upload Bulk Membership.

  32. Generate a Reversal Claim.

  33. Capture Claims.

  34. Do Pre-Authorization.

  35. Send Member SMSes.

  36. Manage Member Details.

  37. Print Member Confirmation Letters.

  38. View Benefits Summary per Member.

  39. View and Print Member statement.

  40. View Detailed Audit Trail per Claim.

  41. Override Flagging of claims.

  42. Override the Awarded Amount.

  43. Authorize Claims Payments.

  44. Generate Payment Runs

  45. Payment files export

  46. Email Remittances to Provider.

  47. View Payments by Batch

  48. Payments Authorization Summary Report.

  49. View Fund Utilization Analysis reports

  50. View Claims Data Capture Report.

  51. View General Audit Trail Report.

  52. Manage Benefits Adjudication Engine.

  53. Manage Scheme/Fund Creation and Renewal.

  54. Email Bills to Members.

    Advanced Security

  1. Control system access for peace of mind.

  2. Customizable access management and security.

  3. Audit trail maintenance.

    My Diary/Appointments

  1. This feature enables setting of appointments with service providers.

  2. Each day is split into slots, each of duration:

  3. 5 minutes

  4. 10 minutes

  5. 15 minutes

  6. 30 minutes

  7. 1 hour

  8. 2 hours

  9. TyingPersonalised SMSess (reminders) can be sent to all schedules for the day.

  10. TyingThe day’s schedule can be printed.

  11. TyingAn entire day can be blocked to prevent any bookings being made on that date.

  12. TyingA whole month is visually represented with pie charts to indicate overall availability.

    System Options

  1. This feature is used to configure various aspects of the system:

  2. Receipt printer settings

  3. Data entry – required fields

  4. SMS trigger for every claim captured

  5. Network connectivity settings

  6. Commission contract settings

  7. Folder locations of key files used

  8. Remittance advice emailing

  9. Mail server credentials

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