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Trying to Maximize those Sales Leads?

To find more qualified sales leads online, maximize conversion rates, and maximize ad spend ROI, it's essential to implement a.....

Personnel & Projects

Looking for Better Personnel Arrangements?

The traditional employment model is evolving rapidly, with the rise of freelancers reshaping the workforce landscape. This shift presents....

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Unlock Your Digital Super-Power

In the digital age, establishing an online presence is vital for personal and business success. Whether you're launching a personal blog, setting up an e-commerce store, or creating...


How Do You Feel?

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of deep tissue massage guns in the healthcare, wellness, sports, and fitness industry – and it’s not just a fad...

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Healthcare and Wellness Solutions

For Care Providers

For Individuals

For Insurers

Healthcare and Wellness Solutions

Businesses That We Help

At OmniSol Wellness + Healthcare, we provide software for businesses of all types and sizes including

Doctors / Dentists

We help run every aspect of your practice from one software solution.

Laboratories / Hospitals

Everything you need for

Quality care, Administration and Viability.

MedAid / Insurance

Membership, subscriptions ,benefit packages and claims processing.

Wellness Portal

We offer simple, flexible and unified solutions for nutritionists.


Understand people better.

Non-Profit (NGO)

Data and analytic services to power your impact on the world.

Food & Beverage Industry

Data and analytics for viability, research and development


A huge resource base to help calibrate your knowledge



Business Starter kit

We also offer one starter kit for small businesses with essential features to get you.

Why Choose Us

Access valuable resources on how to take are of your health.
Develop a healthy lifestyle that improves your overall well being
Choose the right treatment options for your health concerns.
Find wellness, in every way.

OmniSol Academy

In the world of wellness, there’s myriad scientifically-backed evidence about what is actually good for us. If you’re looking for a few effective ways to improve your sense of wellbeing, then look no further.

What Other Services We Offer

As an established company, we offer services such as

Data-Driven Healthcare Solutions

To improve your health, you must change your mindset.

OmniSol Wellness + Healthcares how you a unique way to think about your health and live healthily.....

Medical Practice Management Solution

Everything you need to enhance your practice

Healthcare and wellness is an all-in-one healthcare marketing and medical practice management solution ....

Software Development and Data Engineering

OmniSol Wellness + Healthcare is a software development outsourcing and data engineering company that delivers technology solutions for businesses and ....

Task Management Tools For Healthcare Providers

If you want scale productivity with better healthcare management, OmniSol Wellness + Healthcare is there for you.....

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