Statement of duty

Wellness and Healthcare are at the core of any civilization’s survival. Any industry comprises service providers, consumers, associations, and payments. With the clever use of information communication technologies, let us optimize your operations.


OmniSol Holdings Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 2006 with the purpose of developing Windows, UNIX and Internet based solutions to meet businesses’ ICT needs. Pursuant to this purpose, OmniSol Holdings Pvt Ltd has developed some applications for Zimbabwean organizations. We realize that speed is of essence in the ICT industry and hence have developed solutions that can be delivered in the shortest possible time. OmniSol Holdings Pvt Ltd’s solutions are thoroughly tested before deployment that once delivered need no further patch-ups. The user’s complete satisfaction is our main target. OmniSol is a global-vision built company whose mission is to build Information & Communication Technology solutions to serve Zimbabwe, the region and beyond. We have done extensive work for the country including medical aid societies, surgeries, clinics, medical laboratories and professional membership/educational institutions. Our technical experience includes systems to manage patients, payments, medical records, billing, electronic claiming and reconciliation.

Our Mission

To provide systems which avail solutions to decision makers through innovative data manipulation and information communications systems and the ability to be conscious of the overall needs of the stakeholders to ensure adequate service provision

Core Business

Our core business is the analysis and development of ICT based business processes and the ability to provide faster, more useful and comprehensive information to stakeholders

Our Vision

To be a world class provider of ICT consultancy services by delivering end to end solutions that serves the entire value chain of healthcare providers including funders and associations, scalable to meet various needs and scenarios

Our Values
  • Passion – we work enthusiastically
  • Help – effective change must be experienced
  • Take Ownership – each of us will be fully responsible for their part
  • Preparedness – always on standby, anticipating your future needs

Our offerings

Some of our clients

(Utano is a Shona word for ‘Health’ or ‘Wellness’)



What is Utano eXchange HealthCare Platform?


    UtanoX is a centralized secure platform which serves all key stakeholders and players in the medical health-care ecosystem.

    UtanoX platform is an affordable, robust, secure, reliable, automated, real-time and accessible platform for healthcare.

    UtanoX Interoperable. It is an open platform which can be accessed by other application developers and service providers.

    Business Intelligence (BI) can be used by stakeholders for strategic planning.

Meet the founder

Chancemore has over 26 years’ computer programming experience, having started at the age of 13. He holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science (NUST, Zimbabwe). He has developed the original systems under OmniSol, and built the company, team and model around the healthcare ecosystem over the decade plus. A workaholic who has made a name for himself and the brand in Zimbabwe’s healthcare space. In addition to this machine intimacy, Chancemore is a fully trained Advanced Personal Counsellor, who has delivered over a thousand hours of personal and professional counselling to people from across the globe and across the economies. Also an accomplished author with several non-fiction titles in different genres. This makes him a unique combination of both human and machine skillsets, all manifest in the market penetration of the brand OmniSol.