• This is where the fundamental benefits which the system is capable of managing are configured. All schemes and plans are based on this feature.

  • Male/female restriction.

  • Minimum age restriction.

  • Restriction to specific service provider disciplines.

Inpatient/Outpatient Restriction

  • Not Specific

  • In-Patient Only

  • Out-Patient Only

Restriction to specific hospital units

  • Maternity.

  • Neonatal & Nursery.

  • ICU/CCU.

  • Accident & Emergency.

  • Operation/Theatre.

  • Renal.

  • Rehab.

  • Defining a benefit restricted to specific treatments, or which specifically excludes specific treatments.

  • Hospital grade restriction.

  • Tying a benefit to a specific fund only.

  • Flexible definitions and modification of benefits.