Data Analytics

To improve your health, you must change your mindset.

OmniSol Wellness + Healthcare show you a unique way to think about your health and live healthily. At the heart of healthcare today, there is a need to manage, and analyze large amounts of data and get meaningful insight from the results.

These results can, therefore, be used to drive change and determine patient outcomes. With the healthcare industry facing multiple challenges ranging from maintaining an optimal operational efficiency to new disease outbreaks, there is an urgent need for data-driven solutions.

Since a vast amount of data is available in the healthcare sector, this data can be collected and analyzed to drive meaningful insights that can boost the efficiency of the industry.

Thankfully, we provide integrated care programs to assist you make permanent health changes that can truly change their lives.

Because of this most businesses prefer our data-driven care solutions to lower costs and improve outcomes. To motivate you to make lasting health changes on your own terms, we have partnered with health plans and employers who provide the resources, tools, and support that they can use to improve their health one day at a time.

The reason why we created this company is to encourage and engage people in lifelong health programs that can improve their lives.Since gathering and analyzing data is an important part of understanding how your health changes, we offer virtual care that constantly evolves and optimizes best practices for each member.

Benefits of Choosing Us

  • Tailor-fit plans to meet your specific condition
  • We track your patterns and symptoms
  • We integrate data with your PCP
  • We have billions of data points, driving better outcomes
  • Multi-condition care pathways

At healthcare and wellness, we use integrated care and behavior science to help you identify what really motivates long-term health changes. We also focus on long-term plans and behavior change. This way we can help you learn healthy strategies that you can use for life. In addition, we provide actionable data and analytics-driven solutions and services to help boost the financial, clinical, and patient engagement outcomes throughout the healthcare industry.

Over the years, we have developed and scaled our technology and built relationships across the healthcare ecosystem to enable meaningful improvements in the quality and cost of healthcare. We also offer;

  • 24/7 access to health coaches and specialists
  • Social support from condition-specific community to peer groups
  • Care teams outside stressors, and life context