OmniSol is a company whose mission is to build Information & Communication Technology solutions to serve different markets and region. We have done extensive work for the healthcare space including medical aid societies, surgeries, clinics, medical laboratories and professional/educational institutions.
Our technical experience includes systems to manage clients, payments, medical records, billing, electronic claims processing. We currently own and manage an electronic claims processing platform which has transacted tens of millions claims for over a thousand healthcare service providers over a decade plus. Our healthcare ecosystem (UtanoX) currently houses over 2.7 million patient records.

Our software engineering experience and exposure places us best positioned to craft an optimum customization for businesses which will stand the test of time – future-proof solutions.
Having total ownership of the source code opens up more flexibility of arrangements with stakeholders such as white-labelling and on-premise deployment.

Our sustained passion and focus can assure the market that we always continue to respond, adapt, innovate around/through obstacles/situations and continue to take full responsibility for our territories.

Statement of Duty

Wellness and healthcare are at the core of any civilization’s survival. Any industry comprises service providers, consumers, associations, and payments. With the clever use of information communication technologies, let us optimize your operations.

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