Software Development and Data Engineering

OmniSol Wellness + Healthcare is a software development outsourcing and data engineering company that delivers technology solutions for businesses and enterprises in data-intensive industries.As a company, we provide a wide range of healthcare software development, computer vision, data science, and quality assurance.

We also offer UI/UX design services aimed at improving care management and ensuring data interoperability. We have a team of experienced and skilled staff committed to supporting millions of people worldwide in achieving a better quality of life.

What We Do

At Wellness and Healthcare, we automate daily hospital operations and tackle challenges such as COVID-19.Our solutions aim to transform the healthcare industry, reduce costs, increase access to care delivery, and build value-based healthcare solutions.

We also offer healthcare software development services to support medical professionals and other practitioners. As a company the patients are our top priority hence we strive to develop healthcare software systems where all activities are aimed to enhance the patient experience and improve health and the overall outcome.

Since we understand the importance of utmost privacy and security of data, all our solutions comply with HIPAA and HITECH. We also follow strictly follow the requirements and other standards to ensure there is effective management, fast exchange, recording, and communication of your information

Our Mission

With a mission to make the impossible possible, we create digital solutions that can transform your business and improve the quality of people’s lives using our years of experience and best practices, and multi-year experience. Our staff is genuinely passionate about their work and service to people.

Our list of extensive expertise includes domains such as User Experience Design, Digital Transformation Consulting, Computer Vision, Digital Transformation of Financial Organizations, and Software Delivery Labs Management and Computer Vision.

Plus,our smart,built-from-scratch software helps both small businesses and established companies to boost revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity. At Wellness and Healthcare, all our processes are based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard. By following all the necessary rules, we can develop modern, high-tech, reliable software.

Our Solutions

Our cutting-edge medical software solutions will cover aspects such as.

  • Medical scheduling
  • Medical billing
  • E-prescribing
  • Medical document management
  • Hospital management

In addition, we provide AI-powered care pathways management solutions for multiple chronic disease management allowing practitioners to get goal-oriented recommendations. Our daily recommendations for providers are aimed at improving patient outcomes.

More so, we optimize physician behavior since patient outcomes are correlated with physicians’ acceptance or rejection of recommendations. Get in touch with us today so we can explain how your project can be completed in the best way possible