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Frequently Attended Queries

1 System (web PMS) generate a Visit id=0 error, across all compatible browsers

2 Dataset not in edit or insert mode in HMS, users can’t add a tariff code.(Case of BIG)

3 Password resets

4 Omnisol Site can’t be reached

5 Re-posting of claims from HMS to Utanox

6 Insufficient result space to convert money value to smallmoney

7 The referring practitioner is not in the system, Utanox

8 The tariff code is not in the system, Utanox and HMS

9 Batch submitted not found at psmas

10 Member number not found at funder in Utanox

11 Desktop HMS not generating Reference numbers for med aids after upgrade/update

12 User clicking “process claim” to submit psmas claims (Caught exception: Unable to parse the request message).

13 System Admins need to edit users under “manage all users” in Utanox and or remove or delete inactive users.

14 User need to delete receipts captured twice in Utanox And assign reasons.

15 User can't find the delete bill option option

16 HMS not submitting claims to funders on 263(case of Multi-tech labs and BIG byo)

17 Desktop HMS not showing the patient activeness.

18 Desktop HMS not showing the patient activeness for some funders.

19 SuperUser need to assign a user roles

20 User need to view cash receipts in omnisol HMS

21 Users needed Template change for lab results to print preview (case of UBC)

22 Users failing to manage accounting periods in Omnisol HMS (case of BIG)

23 System (web PMS) failing to proceed on when user click “proceed” when capturing claims

24 System (web PMS) changing name from actual one to Roanne Burdett when capturing cash usd patient

25 Users not picking the “Zim Dollar” filter on clicking “Open” to submit claims.

26 Error to upload files(attachments/request forms e.g for X-ray done) onto the system (web PMS).

27 ystem desktop HMS not generating File numbers on patient details.(case of central 24).

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