Medical Records Manager Suite

The need for the health service provider is to manage patients' details, payments, claims, and to produce accounting reports. Reconciliation of payments from different healthcare funders is a core issue. Speedy production of financial reports to various stakeholders at separate locations is also a challenge,We believe that we can deliver value to you which will definitely improve your control over cash flow.

Key Features
  • Scheduling: Manage appointments with ease and precision
  • Registration: Capture and manage patient data efficiently
  • Billing& Stores Control: Simplify billing and accelerate payment
  • Claims Management: Leverage intelligent, integrated claim processing solutions
  • Accounting &Reporting: Gain operational and financial insight
  • Advanced Security: Control system access for peace of mind
  • Systems Integration and Interoperability: Expand your practice management options
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Back-up, Support Facility

Distribution of Clientele by Province
Mash Central
Mash East
Mash West
Mat North & South

Why Us!!

  1. Our medical software line mirrors the needs and expectations of a health facility because we have exposed it to almost 3 years of continuous growth, correction and refinement by about 151 sites all around the country, by different disciplines.
  2. We have already made real inroads into medical aid societies
  3. We have a tried and tested electronic claiming platform
  4. We have a link between medical labs and docs' rooms
  5. The product is fully developed and supported by ourselves - we have extensive experience in the software business and have other clients beyond this product.
  6. We are experts in system-to-system communication. You will have better access to information thru us; e.g remotely monitoring patients' conditions.
  7. It's been possible for us to avail it at such a low cost because of the numbers of satisfied practitioners growing with us.
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