For Medical Practitioners & Hospitals

Scheduling: Manage appointments with ease and precision
  • Intelligent waiting lists and alerts
  • Real-time eligibility
  • Reporting based on patient check-in/check-out and more
Registration: Capture and manage patient data efficiently
  • Powerful task management, messaging and medical history tools
  • Automatic recall
  • Referral tracking
  • Temporary registration for new patients
  • Paperless: patients don’t have to fill in paper forms at all. System prints out forms and patients just sign.
  • Image/Documentarchiving
Advanced Billing: Simplified billing and accelerate payment
  • Mobile App where nurses indicate the sundries used for real-time stock control.
  • Shortfall reduction platform - verify medical aid status before service
  • Theatre & Hospital Billing integration for fully-automated charge capture
  • Quick, accurate payment posting options
  • Easy statement generation
  • AHFoZ Claim file formats
  • Electronic remittance advise uploading
  • Electronic claim status feedback uploading
  • Quotations, invoices, receipts, ledgers
  • CASH patients
Claims Management: Leverage intelligent, integrated claim processing solutions
  • Automated patient eligibility verification
  • Continuous, automated claims tracking
  • Real-time benefit status inquiry
  • Electronic claims submission & reconciliation
  • Insurance payment profile and fee update
  • Comprehensive reporting with full claim age analysis and status filtering
Accounting &Reporting: Gain operational and financial insight
  • Dynamic management, financial and administrative reports
  • Graphical presentation of any reports – bar graphs, pie charts
  • Reports by patient, society, age, home area, diagnosis, tariff, branch
  • Hundreds of standard billing reports
  • Age Analyses and various financial analyses reports
  • Shortfall and payments reports
  • Income statements
  • Cash reports.
  • Cash receipting.
Advanced Security: Control system access for peace of mind
  • Customizable access management and security
  • Audit trail maintenance
Systems Integration and Interoperability: Expand your practice management options
  • Interfaces for and integration with Word, Excel, Pastel and more
  • Automated SMS notifications
  • Report exportation to Pastel
  • Integration with clinical laboratories for electronic lab requests & results archiving
  • Integration with various medical equipment on request. e.g remote patient monitoring devices.
Client Relationship Management:
  • SMS reminders for appointments, refraction, reviews et.c
  • Happy-birthday SMSes
  • Thank-you SMSes sent after a patient's visit
  • Auto-emailing of patients for surveys, tidbits et.c
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